13 "Stranger Things 3" Behind-The-Scenes Facts That'll Make You Say 'Wow'

Now that (almost) everyone is caught up on their favorite sci-fi Netflix show, the cast of Stranger Things 3 is telling all about the making of season three. Here's 13 behind-the-scenes facts (spoiler alert!) that'll make you say, "Wow!"

  1. Millie Bobbie Brown (Eleven) learned how to throw herself backwards to capture the scene where she infiltrates Billy's memories, which made her nauseous.
  2. Dacre Montgomery (Billy) is a method actor, so he would always walk around set looking intimidating and evil, according to Millie.
  3. Dacre learned his American accent (he's Australian) when studying at drama school. He said he listened to a podcast that helped him perfect it.
  4. During one of the final scenes, we hear Hopper's letter to Eleven. Millie said they pre-recorded David Harbour (Hopper) reading it, but she didn't want to rehearse or hear it prior to filming, so her reaction is authentic.
  5. The scene where Charlie Heaton (Jonathan) breaks the vase over Tom's head in the hospital was practiced many times with breakaway glass— which is easier and safer to use for filming.
  6. The woman who does stunts for Natalia Dyer (Nancy) also doubles for Millie.
  7. Natalie said, while filming, the flickering lights in the hospital made her nauseous after a while.
  8. Millie said the blood that comes out of Eleven's nose is a fake blood formula that took a while to perfect, and she injects it up her nose before they begin filming.
  9. If you're wondering about all the '80s products and props you saw, Joe Keery (Steve) said they bought a lot from sellers on eBay.
  10. The Starcourt Mall is a real, working mall.The show bought a piece of the mall to re-do for filming.
  11. People were also shopping in areas that weren't roped off while they were filming certain scenes.
  12. Joe said filming the scene when he's tied up with Maya Hawke (Robin) in the secret Russian facility was hard because it took a LONG time to untie and retie when they would take breaks.
  13. Stranger Things 3 broke records for Netflix (40 million people watched in four days), so it's highly likely they'll renew the show for a fourth season.

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Source: BuzzFeed; photo: Netflix

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